Jackie and the Cannabis Stalk

One sunny afternoon, as Jackie was strolling around the village, she stumbled upon a most peculiar sight – a massive, magical cannabis plant that seemed to have sprouted overnight. This wasn’t just any ordinary plant; its leaves shimmered with an ethereal glow, beckoning her to climb its majestic stalk. Jackie, being the adventurous soul that […]

The Lady From Ayutthaya

The sun had barely risen over the lush, fog-covered hills when The Lady From Ayutthaya, began her daily ritual. She was not only a skilled herbalist and chef but also a connoisseur of the finest cannabis flowers and she was the creator of the amazing Fire Stix pre rolls. Each morning, she would share her […]

Bill and the Troll

Once upon a time, there was a man named Bill who possessed a unique talent. He could grow cannabis like no one else in the village. His plants were so fine that even the bees would get stoned if they got too close. Everyone in the village would come to him for their stash, including […]