Once upon a time, there was a man named Bill who possessed a unique talent. He could grow cannabis like no one else in the village. His plants were so fine that even the bees would get stoned if they got too close.

Everyone in the village would come to him for their stash, including an unexpected visitor. One day, a gasly Troll arrived at Bill’s doorstep, demanding to try his flowers. Bill was hesitant, but he couldn’t say no to such a big Troll, so he took out one of his amazing Fire Stix pre rolls and handed it to the Troll.

The Troll stared at it, his face serious and his gaze fixed on space. He took a deep breath, snorted, and then lit it up. As the smoke filled his lungs, the Troll’s face changed. He went from serious to a mighty stone. His eyes glazed over, and then, he surprised everyone by smiling. He smiled so hard that his cheeks hurt, and then he started laughing heartedly.

Bill and the villagers were all taken aback, but pleased to see the Troll enjoying himself. From that day forward, the Troll became a regular customer at Colorado Brand. He would come and buy Fire Stix pre-rolls and sit outside smoking, while the villagers would watch in amazement. And as for Billl, he became the most popular man in town, known not just for his growing skills, but for his ability to turn the meanest Troll into a happy, laughing customer.

The End.

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